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Nex / Jun 16, 2015

While we're still putting the forum posts back up, let's just make some progress, shall we? I'm sure everyone's dying to finish this long-winded clusterfuck of continuity that actively impedes new people from joining in. If you'll notice the calen...

Nex / Jun 12, 2015

I've uploaded my archive of NG backup data to dropbox. If the temp site is still available in several hours, I may go back and retrieve more of the database in case anyone missed anything.Upon request I will forward you your respective RPCs and/or...

  M482: meat
  Nex: yeet
  LaRock: Test
  Rei: we need more(read as: "better") recruits
  Nex: though it's not like more than 3 or 4 of us look at this forum anyway B^)
  M482: I saw
  Nex: i guarantee all the views will be from me going back in to edit, finishing, then realizing i needed to edit something else, and so on
  Nex: god damn i stay up to 5 am re-writing and editing this shit for like 6 hours straight somebody proof-read my shit
  Nex: but joke's on you. you're one of us now
  Nex: since while we're all doing nothing i might as well give the new kids something to read and be more informed at how stupid our universe is so they can laugh at it
  Nex: i think i might steamroll the "latest posts" feed with old database posts that were never reposted since we moved to this site
  M482: M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S
  R93_Sniper: For the Lotus
  Nex: dont talk shit about your mom you scrub
  M482: she was until she went on that date with kygro and left all of us in a hot pelican...
  Nex: na son that'd be nex
  Rei: I thought I was space mom D:
  M482: Colonel Tiamat - Space mom of the year: 2580
  Rei: Reminder: You cant always control who comes into your life but you can control which airlock you throw them out of.
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